Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SAN Buzz September I

Green storage seems to be all the buzz lately, here's two contributions I did like a lot:
One is a recent article in ESG on green storage,
The picture on the left should remind us of the fact that some data simply is not worthwhile storing at all!
Another area of intense hype and activities is the file area network or FAN.
This article summarizes what the perceived business benefits of this methodologies and products are.

SNIA has established a workgroup to help clients navigate this space and has recently posted a very comprehensive definition of what a FAN is supposed to be:
A namespace-based network-oriented infrastructure for files that includes a decoupling layer which separates logical file access from physical file location. This decoupling layer enables a variety of services (e.g., replication and migration) to be applied to files and filesystems.

And a couple of various news from last week:

Qlogic switches have been recently certified with the IBM SVC.

FCoE compromise reached between Brocade and CISCO
no compromising with the U.S. government: Reyes guilty:
..while outside the courts, the (marketing)battle continues:

Brocade says CISCO is blocked

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