Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Two articles on the long-running competition between FC and FCoE caught my attention this past weeks:
The major argument for high-speed 16 Gbps native FC connections these days are high-performance (and more importantly: low-latency) SSD and Flash storage systems: Evaluator Group recently did a benchmark to compare the two technologies with a series of state-of-the-art SSD Systems and here's what they found:
"The resulting validation found the FC environment provided 2 to 10 times faster responses as workloads surpassed 80% SAN utilization and 20-30% less CPU utilization than FCoE."
for the complete Report, please refer to the Website here (registration required).

At the same time, the adoption of 10 GbE is obviously picking up speed (as reported here), so -as so many times before in our industry- the lower cost datacenter connectivity (10 GbE) may be just "good enough" in the long run!