Monday, August 27, 2007

SAN Buzz for August

Industry News:
Although SANs are pervasive in larger enterprises, many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have yet to take the plunge and are still tethered to direct-attached storage (DAS) configurations. Those companies are missing out on a number of benefits, including efficient management of data and storage resources, cost- effective capacity planning, improved asset utilization, and reduced risk of data loss-whether it’s a Fibre Channel SAN or an iSCSI SAN.
It’s time to take a little time out of the day and have some fun. Network World has once again collected a series of funny videos about storage technology:
Have a look at the new generation of small form factor enterprise drives:
Comeback of solid state storage?
There was a number of noticeable announcements and news during the months of summer which seem to indicate that solid state storage is slowly preparing its comeback into the enterprise realm.
Here's a couple of examples:
Terabyte solid-state storage disk array
Solid-state storage for IBM BladeCenter
and -on a more funny note- the motorcycle enthusiasts Flash Memory (picture above!)
With a slightly wider scope and looking into the future beyond 2007, here's a very interesting article about data storage after spinnning disks:
Here's how it works.

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