Tuesday, February 3, 2015


VSPEX Blue is the one hot topic today and is EMC's entry into the HCIA (hyper-converged infrastructure appliance) market! Based on VMware EVO:Rail and VSAN and preconfigured with RecoverPoint and EMC CloudArray software (among others).

Please read the official press release here and read Avnet's release here!

You may be slightly confused (as I still am) about the positioning of EVO:Rail VSAN and EMC ScaleIO from EMC which seem to address a very similar market and problem. I found  that article from "The Register" to be very helpful in understanding where which makes sense and what the similarities are.

Add Flash storage to the equation and read how PureStorage sees EVO.Rail and Flash and how they may or may not be combined in the future in AFHCIA's (all-flash hyper-converged infrastructure appliances).