Thursday, June 16, 2011

June III

Happy Birthday, IBM!

Here's a great clip about the Centennial from IBM Switzerland

(in German),

or the full-length worldwide version here as well as the official "100 Year" press release.

Friday, June 10, 2011

June II

IDC has published their analysis of the worldwide Q1 2011 storage market and they find, that not only did the total shipped (disk storage) capacity increase by 46% , but also revenue grew by 13%.
After all, there might be some truth to the repeated claims that the area of ever cheaper storage will slowly come to an end? Or as ESG's Steve Duplessie brilliantly puts it: "The next storage war will be economic-lead".

Contributing to that fact may also be that parts of the market (and thus the industry) seem to be moving to the more expensive SSD and even PCM (phase-change memory) technology (away from classic hard-disk drives).
Mostly for performance reasons and forced by the need for real-time data analytics - Big Data is the buzzword of the moment here!

So an exciting new industry is being established with lots of startups (like Violin) and venture-capital involved. Watch this space!

And if you felt like there was too much "cloud" in our industry recently, here's someone who certainly agrees: Tom Trainer describes why "monolithic scale-out-NAS" is not what a real storage cloud should be: "True cloud storage is a disruptive paradigm shift" as he states!