Friday, May 29, 2015


Errandum - talking about the perceived demise of Fibre Channel in my last post: meanwhile CISCO just quietly announced a new, compact 96-port 16 Gbps SAN switch , the MDS 9396S (in CISCO speak the "S" stands for 16 Gbps). Base configuration starts at 48 ports with SW/license upgrades in 12-port increments up to 96 ports.
Read the details here and here and find the product home here!
At the other end of the San Jose networking-neighborhood, at "130 Holger Way" (where Brocade is located), an almost flat SAN revenue was reported for their Q2 of FY2015: "SAN product revenue was $314 million, down 2% year over year. The decline was primarily the result of softer storage demand and operational issues at certain OEM partners.".

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