Friday, March 27, 2015


Spring greets us with the latest IDC numbers about Q4 storage market details. I have compiled a couple of the reports below:

The one really stunning fact in the IDC worldwide external storage report (besides the not-so unexpected drop of 24% for IBM) is the 40% increase of revenue for ODM direct! You won't find ODM as a company - IDC adds up sales to all types of "managed service providers" under that category: overall, external storage shipments to ODM's account for 12.8% of the worldwide revenue in Q4! See details here.
And for EMEA: IDC EMEA external storage market report.

IDC worldwide PBBA (if you don't remember PBBA: purpose built backup appliance) report. Not much of a surprise there, EMC DataDomain has a very comfortable lead with over 60% share in that market - which is not really growing in terms of revenue as you can read in the report.
Where is this massive amount of storage going? Read here about the recent price offensive of Google for low-cost storage!

And don't forget to forward the clock on Sunday morning-if you live in Europe that is!

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