Friday, November 2, 2012


We had some very early snow here in Switzerland in the past days, but thankfully it's melting away now and we are looking forward to some more warm and colorful days of Fall!

Today's topics are a very mixed bag as usual:

Related to the recent trend to "Integrated Systems" like IBM's PureSystems (and no, Pure Storage is not an IBM brand (yet)!):
here's a nice comparison by Hu Yoshida with the old days of "Hi-Fi" gear and how we used to combine and assemble best of breed components with the goal of the ultimate music experience in mind!

And lastly: Very unusual approaches to high capacity and long-term archiving and data storage:

In a kind of revival of optical storage, Hitachi proposes a glass-based storage solution to store data for millions of years while WD (Western Digital) thinks about helium-filled HDDs to boost capacity.
Will they require heavy racks to prevent them from flying away?

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