Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Very accurate positioning of Big Data and Cloud, two of the most beloved buzzwords of our industry today!
Couple additional comments: related to the "creation of information" I sometimes wonder where all these numbers come from and if taking blurry snapshots at a Saturday night party to be posted on Facebook really constitutes an act of "creating information"?!

To quote Jon Toigo: "I know of no empirical research that demonstrates with any validity the rate of data growth in a business. That’s because no one knows how fast their data is growing; they only know how much storage they’re buying year over year. The latter isn’t an indication of data growth rates, but of data mismanagement, pure and simple."

The New York Times just last week had an article about where and when Big Data started off, read it here.

Big Data involves analytics and data retrieval as we all know, and here's a report about recent IBM research related to that subject. SSD (solid state disk) plays an important role in the concepts and architectures to quickly retrieve and process data in a near real-time fashion.
Today, SSDs are still a rare sight in enterprise systems but this might change, once the industry is able to lower the price by reaching massive volumes.
And obviously, massive volumes can only be driven by consumer demand (like iPads and Laptops). This may be a couple more years away as this CW report and the recent Western Digital HDD sales numbers indicate!

Nevertheless, the SNIA has recently established a TWG (technical work group) to assess and define the impact of SSD to storage system architectures. Read here what Netapp has to say about this.

And lastly a listing of a few more recent articles, trends and events worthwhile noticing:

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HDS: New Book: Storage Concepts: Storing and Managing Digital Data

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