Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June III

Raving comments on tape and why it is still very relevant at age 60!
If two posts within two days constitute a trend, then we have one here:

a) "Does EMC still think tape sucks? Nah, that is so last year – at least, if the storage giant's tech conference at the beginning of this month is anything to go by..."

b) " I know, tape was supposed to be dead 13 years ago. Gartner was paid a lot of money to say so in 1999 – in a report they now say they can not remember publishing. That report, which I read and complained about vociferously at the time, stated that 1 in 10 tapes fail on restore. Gartner now disavows this statement too in a classic Romney-esque bit of etch-a-sketchery."

And one major reason for all this excitement: LTFS and all the great opportunities it opens up. Lots off opportunities for the industry to be productizing that standard!

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