Monday, March 26, 2012


Two update topics today. Tape and HDD!
Tape first:
  • a market report on LTO Media (cartridges) sales.
  • an article about object storage and tape (and why they might want to reconsider tape).
  • an update from the March San Francisco "Tape Summit" and why "the tape industry should stop making excuses and instead raise its head with pride. Tape is great for archiving and nothing else comes close. In fact the gap with disk competition is going to widen in tape's favour".
HDD second:
  • Is HAMR the solution to enable the next breakthru in density for HDDs? Seagate announced a potential 60TB disk drive last week using that technology!
  • And will manufacturing of HDDs ever be brought back to the US (or Europe for that matter)? This is an interesting question raised when we realized how depending the HDD industry (and thus the IT industry as a whole) have become on regions like Thailand that produce an overwhelming percentage of the worlds supplies of HDDs.

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