Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Storage Buzz September

Summer is officially over, it's back to the office and end of sleeping in and travelling. Before I left, I came across this article from Steve Duplessie and I could not agree more! So I have tried to focus on really important things the past couple weeks (like holding up redwood trees...).
Here's a summary of what went on in the storage realm while I was gone:
  • An increasing amount of signs that the increase of aerial density for magentic discs eventually will hit a ceiling.
  • Probably related to that, an increased focus on offline and tape media. In this case Oracle agreeing with IBM on the importance of tape and rolling out the roadmap for their Tape and Library products inherited from Sun and STK.
  • Steady progress and advancements in the area of FCoE and 10 Gbit/s Ethernet.
  • Most recent acquisition object of desire: 3PAR. It will be interesting to see who ends up at the altar with the company who "invented" thin provisioning.
  • And while Isilon is not (yet) being taken over, this company may be one of the future targets of acquisition plans.
  • IBM takes over NAS data compression specialist Storwize and announces availability of V2 of its key management product TKLM (Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager) which now supports the KMIP standard.
  • Moshe Yanai, the founder and father of XIV off to new endeavors.

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